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Tales of Magic
Among the Mundane

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Violet Stars

One Word Monthly

Aries ♈- Paint

( a pigment, usually liquid or paste or spray, used to color another object a particular color)

Taurus ♉- Measurement

(when you record how much something is, usually to a numerical value or reference)

Gemini ♊- Quickly

(When something happens or someone does something in a way that's fast)

Cancer ♋- Borrowed

( when something was temporarily taken in the past, usually to indicate the object of the borrow not being in possession anymore)

Leo ♌- Marigold

( a lovely warm colored flower with wavy petals. Dogs and ducks alike like to eat them I've seen both)

Virgo ♍- Selling

( when something is being exchanged for money)

Libra ♎- Rhombus

( it's like a shape right?)

Scorpio ♏- Keyboard

( a electronic board where letters are pressed to produce the corresponding letter or a command on a receiving electronic input)

Sagittarius ♐- Lunch

(a middle meal of the day, usually had around noon)

Capricorn ♑ - Soul

(someone's personal force of energy and self)

Aquarius ♒- Cheese

(A rich food made from milk aged for long periods of time to ferment)

Pisces ♓- Swimming

( when you move your body to stay afloat or move in water)

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Red Striped Star_edited.png
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